Frequently Asked Questions

Movability Travel

Q: I am new to renting a mobility vehicle. Can you tell me how to rent a mobility vehicle?

A: Yes, we can! The process of renting an accessible mobility vehicle is simple. We require a valid driver’s license, proof of full coverage insurance (must have comprehensive, collision, and liability that extends to a rental vehicle) and a major credit card.


Q: Do you offer vehicle delivery and pickup services for your mobility vehicle rentals?

A: Movability Travel delivery service varies by location, but many of our locations will deliver your accessible rental van to your home, work, or airport.


Q: Do you offer insurance for your wheelchair accessible rental vans?

A: At this time the renter must provide insurance for the accessible vehicle rental. Consult with your insurance agent or insurance company for details.


Q: Can I rent a mobility vehicle one-way?

A: One-Way rentals can be arranged.


Q: Do you charge for mileage on your Mobility Vehicle Rentals?

A: Please contact our agents for full details.


Q: Do you offer a driver?

A: Movability Travel is a rental service only. A licensed driver must be provided by the renter.


Q: Do you offer adaptive driving equipment with your handicapped van rentals?

A: The adaptive driving equipment service varies by location. Check with your local Movability Travel Movability Travel member for availability of hand controls or transfer seats.


Q: What type of passenger seat transfer seat options do you have?

A: We offer luxury vehicles with this option of front passenger seat transfer. Please look at our luxury range and contact us for more details.


Q: Can I drive the vehicle out of state?

A: Out of state service varies by location. Contact Mobility Vehicle Rental for details about traveling out of state with a rental mobility vehicle.


Q: Can I have more than one driver listed for my Mobility Vehicle Rental?

A: Yes. Each person wishing to drive must be present at the time the accessible vehicle is picked up to sign the rental contract and provide insurance and licensing information.


Q: Do you have full size wheelchair vehicles available for rental?

A: Full size handicap accessible vehicles vary by location. Contact us for details.


Q: Do you allow animals in your vehicles?

A: Only Service Animals are allowed in our Mobility Vehicles.


Q: What areas do you serve?

A: We serve the following Airports:

Atlantic City Int.

Baltimore Washington Int.

JFK Int.

LaGuardia New York

Newark Liberty New Nork York

Philadelphia Int.

Ronald Reagan Washington National

Washington Dulles